Who are the people who visit the fablab

(Vojtěch Jíra) #1

I do not know if I am in the right place, but I would like to ask if anyone is aware of a survey aimed at fablabos visitors. I am interested in age, type of education, percentage of visitors due to gender, employment (if they are already working).
Thank you

(Anand Kishor Verma) #2

Hi ,I am maintaining the log of visitors who come to fab lab makerspace@cmrit .
Name, email, mobile, purpose in Google forms ,so end of day I am getting how many they visited and what purpose.

(Vojtěch Jíra) #3

Hi thanks for your reply.
As part of the European project we are preparing a new fablab in Liberec in the Czech Republic and we are interested in who are the people who attend the fablab. Age, education, gender, and why do fablab attend? Due to the project, we are interested in information about visitors aged 15-30. It is possible to answer your question from your sources, thank you.