The lab cannot be marked on the map

(chao wang) #1

Dear administrator:The lab cannot be marked on the map for a long time.Because the website can’t call the google map API,I don’t know if anyone can handle this problem.Many thanks!

(chao wang) #3

I don’t know who can solve this problem.:joy:

(Jean-Luc Pierite) #4

There is an issue on the GitHub regarding loading Google Maps in China.

I did attempt to edit the address from the United States without success. We’ll dig further.

(chao wang) #5

My friend tried to load Google Maps in the US and it didn’t work.

(Artem Sobolev) #6

i have same problem in Russia, IE or in Chrome no difference

(Artem Sobolev) #7

The problem not solving! I didnt see my Fablab Station on the fablab map!

(chao wang) #8

Dear administrator,Today I seem to have found the problem of not being able to add lab tags to the map.As we all know, the current website has started to charge for operations using the Google Maps API.So I found that the map of official website has been replaced with Mapbox API (such as picture 1),However, the API for editing the data tag map in the background of the website still uses the Google Maps API (such as picture 2).

I hope that the administrator of the website can solve this problem and allow more new fablabs to mark the map.

(Artem Sobolev) #9

Yahoo! all working! Try again!

(Alejandro Jesús Extremera Jiménez) #10

Hi @zmaker! I am new on this website.

I would like to know how much time you had waited until your fablab was viewable. It’s been more than 1 month but I am the only one that can see FABLAB UJAEN.

(Jeremiah Bargio) #11

Hello everyone,

I am from Philippines. We have just submitted our application this week to add our lab in the organization. So far, we didn’t encounter any problem similar to this in the map.

Just sharing. But thanks to this as future reference to our friends here who will be applying next in line.

(Jeremiah Bargio) #12

Hi @FabLabUja! I am also new here. I just want to ask, had you received already notification of approval from you designated referee labs? How long have you waited for them to respond?

Looking forward to hear back from you. Thank you.

(Alejandro Jesús Extremera Jiménez) #13

Hi @digihub.dost!

I am still waiting for the approval of the referee labs. Two of them has responded but there is one left. Do you know if I can change a referee lab?

These two labs answered two days later after writing them.

Thank you.

(Jeremiah Bargio) #14

Hi @FabLabUja,

Honestly, I don’t know if you can still change the referee labs. In our case actually, only one of the 3 referees responded already. As as I know, 2 approvals only are needed for your lab to be approved. I think you are good to go. Had you contacted your referee labs already about it?

Maybe the admin of the organization is processing now your approval.

Best regards