Problems with including the referees

(Johannes Derks) #1

Good day,

When I try to include the referees I got the following message:
Uh oh. 1 problem need(s) fixing before you can continue: Referee aproval processes is the wrong length (should be 3 characters).

What does this means, what I am doing wrong. Is there anybody who can help me?

Johannes Derks
FabLab UFCG-Brazil

(Massimo Menichinelli) #2

Hi @johannesderks, the message is not really user-friendly, we are working on improving it.

It just means that you need to include 3 referees, no less. Please let us know if you have any other other problems.

(Massimo Menichinelli) #3

I move this thread to the Site Feedback section.