Problem with FabLab registration

(Guglielmo Leoni) #1

As FabLab of Casa Corsini (Fiorano, Italy) we would like to register, but we have a problem. We complete all the fields, but when we click on “Add Lab” the following message appears:

Uh oh. 1 problem need(s) fixing before you can continue:
Programs You must agree to our terms and conditions.

I really apologise, but I can’t see where Terms and conditions are.
Please, could anyone help me?

Thank you in advance!

(Jean-Luc Pierite) #2

Looks like the application was submitted successfully. Can you tell how you were able to resolve?

you have two responses pending.

(Gleb Pogorelov) #3

Hello, we are from Belarus Minsk MakeIt center
we would like to register, but we have a problem too. We complete all the fields.
We are sent to a page that the browser cannot find, although the browser shows the download when the form is submitted.
What should we do?
Help please