Maker Tour 2019 - Videos

(Sofía Galán) #1

I’m making a series of videos showcasing makers across the world, I’m starting in Europe with my first #MakerTrip :slight_smile:
I’m looking for makers in Europe that are willing to show me how, why, and where they make :slight_smile:

Here is a video where you can find more info:

You can find more info in the following link:

(Antonin Fournier) #2

Hey Sofia,

We’ll be glad to welcome you at the SimplonLab, in Paris. Let us know if you’ll be around among your trip !

(Sofía Galán) #3

I will thank you very much @AFournier unfortunately I’m not going to Paris this time :frowning: I planed the trip before the tour haha that was my big mistake :frowning: I’m sorry.

(JoséLuis González ) #4

Nice idea Sofía I am from Barcelona. I am trying to made a robotic arm with fpga microchip, but I can’t help you because still at the begging.

(Sofía Galán) #5

Any maker no matter if you are really experienced or just starting out deserves to make their story heard if wanted. So don’t be afraid to apply :slight_smile: We can talk by mail and you can tell me more about your project. I studied Engineering in Mechatronics so maybe I can help you.