Improving the search engine

(Francisco Sanchez Arroyo) #1

This was also raised as a github issue but would like to discuss an impoved version. Ideally the search engine and also a filtered map should be able to filter:

  • Labs who attended or attending conference X (fab 10, fab 11…)
  • Labs who participated in a program (fab academy 2014, htgaa 2015)
  • Labs who offer fab academy program so you can see them only in the map
  • Labs who offer residency experiences, since there are a few like this now
  • Labs with gurus

Ok I ran out of ideas… what else could be useful to filter?

(kenzo abiko) #2

Labs by machines
Labs by open day
Labs by proximity
Labs with more likes (if we have a feature that rates fablabs)
Labs that seal services (what kind? materials?)

(Massimo Menichinelli) #3

Thanks for the suggestion! You can keep the discussion here and also on GitHub here, where this will be developed: