I can't add a machine

(Hui Yu) #1

Every time I fill the form and update.It showed this page.
I can’t update successfully.

(Matthieu Borgognon) #2

It’s the same for us…

(Massimo Menichinelli) #3

Thanks for reporting the problem! We’ll now work on this, see the issue on GitHub for more details: https://github.com/fablabbcn/fablabs/issues/256

(Massimo Menichinelli) #4

The issue on GitHub has been closed, it seems to be solved, please reopen it if you find any more problem!

(Massimo Menichinelli) #5

It was a more complex issue than previously thought, we should have fixed it now, please let us know if you still have any problem …

(Iain Duncan) #6

still a problem when I TRY TO EDIT MY MACHINES LIST