How to contact Referee labs

(Angeria wei) #1

I just submitted application and want to know how to contact Referee labs?

(Dany Narcisse) #2

In my case, I used social media and emails to contact my referees :slight_smile:

(Jean-Luc Pierite) #3

Hi @Angeria,

You will be able to find contact information for referee labs on their respective pages.

(Angeria wei) #4

Thank you very much, let me contact them now.

(Angeria wei) #5

thank you very much, it’s much better to contact them through social media and mail.

(Massimo Menichinelli) #6

We are also working on enabling these discussions through this Discuss section

(Antonio Saraca) #7

Me too I’m having difficulties getting any reply by the referees I contacted. I posted a message in the discussion section and sent each one of them an email, but got no response until now … :frowning:

(Benjamin Dall'o) #8

Hello, I’m Ben from The Bêta-Lab in France.
It’s been a looooong time since we apply for approval (we sleep a bit on it unfortunatly, as for everyone here I guess, time is the mosthard thing to find in a fablab).
We got approved by 1 of the referee (OpenDotlab in Milan, thanks to Enrico for his patience;) ).
We are currently discussingwith the other one (Woma, thanks for their reply).
But we lost the name of the third referee we ask to. (Yeah, I know, silly)
Is there a way to find out who we ask? Or do we have to repeat the all process?

(Jack liu) #9

Has the referee lab never replied to you?