French labs cannot be added to the French Fablab Organization (RFF)

(Fablab Digiscope) #1

Hi Massimo,

My french colleagues are facing an issue: they would like to validate their fablabs as a RFF member in the Organization Tab but it is not working.

I was the only one able to validate my lab.

Any tip ?


(Olivier Gendrin) #2

For more details, they got an email with an incorrect link adress (litterally #{organization_lab_organization_url(@organization, @lab_organization)}), and I do not know how to resend the emails.

(Massimo Menichinelli) #3

We thought we have fixed, but maybe we should reopen the issue:

Could you provide more details about this (here or on GitHub)?

(Massimo Menichinelli) #4

What is the specific problem that they have? Which error shows up?

(Olivier Gendrin) #5

Ok, the labs can validate their appertenance to the organization in the application.

(Fablab Digiscope) #6

I forgot to mention that you had to login to validate cause it seemed obvious. Apologize…

(Olivier Gendrin) #7

Reopening the discussion. Can you tell me who has editing rights on the page ?

And we have 18 labs in “pending” status, how can the owner of the organisation accept them ?