FabLab Regional Networks

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One of the features i think it is important is the inclusion on the Regional Networks on the Map or FabLabs.io page somehow.

Not only that but each Regional could help to include Fab Labs on the MAP, it is strange that a Brazilian Fab Lab has to talk to Supernodes far away that don’t know the regional specifications about the region. I think this is an intersting idea because it can connect the network, but what i have seeing is that those labs talk one time to the Supernode to get the approval and never more (a shame).

One last thing the Labs could have a “seal of approval” to show they are really connected to the regional networks. Not to enforce, just to understand how each local network is working.

I think FabLat (Latin Network), Fab Lab Brazil Network, Fab Lab BENELUX and so many others can benefit from that.

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Supporting kenzoabiko – specifically the regional organizations should be options as referee

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We are having a lot of cases where good FabLabs are not approved and non fablabs are. Also we have to talk with each person on the Super Nodes instead with the super node itself. So for people outside it seams we as a regional organisation have no contacts at all and people are even quitting our organisation. It’s not the only thing we should do, but is the first people trust us to help with!

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I think it is very important that well organized regional networks should suggest a referee on new Fab Labs. Since I have already tried to include Isvor on the list 3 times. I realize that it is difficult for super nodes to absorb so many requests from places they do not know or have difficulty accessing (due to long distances, cultural differences and different languages, etc). That is why I think it is very sensible that well organized regional networks play a more coherent role.

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Also we have to talk with each person on the Super Nodes instead with the super node itself.

Each person? You should talk to the Referee Labs (not as the same as the Supernode), but in the end a Lab is made of people, you would need to talk to just one person there to get you approved. If you need to talk to more than one person it seems to be because the Lab is requiring you to do so, not Fablabs.io. We should probably create more roles for each Lab in the future, now any employee can change the page / act as Referee.