Fab Foundation Forum

(Norella Coronell) #1

The Fab Foundation Forum is a project of the Fab Foundation that aims to work with the different Fab Lab Regional Networks around the world to focus on the potential of their members to connect, exchange, develop and create new initiatives that integrate local innovative eco-systems that can be reinforced throughout the whole network.

We envision an accessible workspace (virtually or personally) to connect, interact, promote, and implement new revolutionary networking methods that aim to maintain and grow the community through co-working skills to create social development and innovative impact.

We invite you to follow/watch and invite people to this space for expressing, creating and transforming ideas that in the long term will beneficiate the whole community!

(Peter Troxler) #2

Interesting initiative … where does the Fab Foundation Forum congregate?

(Filipi Vianna) #3

Is there a list of the "Regional Networks?


(Norella Coronell) #4

Hi Peter,

Thanks for joining the conversations!

As a first approach we want to have it here in the discuss of fablabs.io, creating weekly discussion questions where all member of an existing Regional Network can participate and expose cases that can help create a sense of the needs and approaches on how we can help the whole community.

(Norella Coronell) #5

Hi Filipi

Thanks for joining the conversations!
Yes, there is a small list at the fablabs.io section Org:

In here you can register your Regional Network.

One of the objectives of the Fab Foundation Forum, is to nurture this section with a more practical approach.

We will soon be creating a subscribe mailing list with more information on actions and periodically meeting.

(Ted Hung) #6

Hi Norella,

 I found out its quiet difficult to answer some question while I try to register Fablab Asia Network. It's not really locate in anywhere or any country. 


(marcelo azevedo) #7

Como faço para saber quais juizes eu escolhi e se aprovaram a fab lab ou não

(Filipi Vianna) #8

Hi Norella,

Thanks for your quick answer.
I am trying to register a new FabLab in Brazil, the FreeZone FABLAB.
I have filled out the form for creating a FABLAB, I am aware of the referee process, but I still had no contact from any lab.
I have created a discussion:

And checking at the regional network, I’ve found nothing about the FreeZone FABLAB, not even in the pending section.

Have I done something wrong for the referee process?

Thanks again,

(Tiziano Tiranti) #9

Hi Norella,
as Filipi I’m waiting for enter in the regional network (Fab Lab Falconara Officine Idea Project). I submitted form in May, in the meantime I would be happy to receive suggestions on how to start interacting and creating a network, as well as with this forum.

(kenzo abiko) #10

Hey Filipi, @kenzoabiko Here from the RFLB, we are creating a more transparent way to approve labs in Brazil. As Daniel can tell you we are almost there. I would ask you to wait just a couple of weeks. If you want you can send me an email at: kenzo.abiko@gmail.com cheers,

(kenzo abiko) #11

Olá Marcelo que FabLab esta tentando aprovar, você já esta na nossa rede? (Rede FabLab Brasil?) Estamos desenvolvendo um processo para uma aprovação mais rápida com a @taislima. Qualquer coisa mande um email para mim kenzo.abiko@gmail.com

(Filipi Vianna) #12

Hi Kenzo,

Good to hear from you…

We are already opperating since march, we´re just not calling ourselves a FabLab.

We had host an Arduino Day chapter in June… It was great
We are planning to offer all workshops we had offered at the Arduino Day at regular basis.

We will keep waiting here then…

Best regards,

(Norella Coronell) #13

Hi Ted,

Sorry for taking so long, basically what recommend when there is not an specific location is to put at least somewhere (Region, Local, Glocal and add a sur name like Asia, America, Oceania or something like that)
This way you at least indicate A location and maybe add that is a Online Organization.

Hope this helps!

(Norella Coronell) #14

Hi @officineideaproject :

We are doing some changes in the approval process that hope would improve all this inconvenience, for now, I can help you with the following information:

I have gone over the platform for @officineideaproject Network and can’t find anything under @officineideaproject or Fab Lab Falconara Officine Idea Project or Tiziano Tiranti, not sure if you are confused and add it as a lab, but as an Org i can’t find it, you are a LAB :sweat_smile:

3 Referees in pending state Fab Lab Toscana Cascina (Italy), Fablab Taipei (Taiwan) and Fab Lab San Diego (USA)

Fab Lab San Diego (USA)
Katie Rast

Fablab Taipei (Taiwan)
Ted Hung
Founder/Fab Lab Director

Fab Lab Toscana Cascina (Italy)
Fiore Basile
Lab Manager

(Norella Coronell) #15

Hi @filipi

We are doing some changes in the approval process that hope would improve all this inconvenience, for now, I can help you with the following information:

there are 3 referees, FabLab Madrid CEU (Spain), Fab Lab San Diego (USA) and FabLab Vancouver (Canada) will all 3 pending for approval

Have you tried contacting these labs? if not here are the contacts

FabLab Vancouver (Canada)
Jason W
Lab Manager

Fab Lab San Diego (USA)
Katie Rast

FabLab Madrid CEU (Spain)
Covadonga Lorenzo
Lab Manager, Instructor

(Tiziano Tiranti) #16

Hi @bnore

Yes, I’ve read that the approval process is currently being improved, thank you for informing me. As I wrote before I submitted in May the registration for a new Lab in Italy (Fab Lab Falconara - Officine Idea Project) and you are right, we are a lab, not an org.

Since I still haven’t received any email from the 3 referee labs that you mentioned I’d like to make sure that the approval process of my lab is moving forward and to know its status.
Is there anything I can do to be sure that my designated referees got the request and are evaluating my lab? Should I just contact them directly?

Thanks again

(Norella Coronell) #17

@officineideaproject and @filipi your fab labs should be approved during the day, today!
Have a nice day

(Norella Coronell) #18

Hi @tedhung just indicate that is global, if its a group of people from all over the world. This week I will go over the pending request on organization, to make sure we include as many as apply to basic criteria. If you have any doubts feel free to ask.

(Ted Hung) #19

@bnore I couldn’t find anyway to edit the original page. please help, Thank you!

(Norella Coronell) #20

Hi @tedhung you need to do the following:
On the backstage, go to orgs, then t your network (this case Fablab Asia Network) and then edit organization. Let me know if it works.