Fab Academy final projects - study

(Cindy Kohtala) #1

hi all - just a heads-up that I’m going through the Fab Academy final projects to classify what types of projects there are. I may contact the project owners or the lab managers / instructors if I have any questions.

I can also make the database open source but I’m wondering how much anonymization you (the community) desire? I will not include the students’ names or the labs’ names - more like Lab AA in Costa Rica and Lab BB in India, etc. agree? I will include a category of gender as male, female, other or unidentified - and do my own classification based on people’s names. please let me know if you disagree with this.

for making categories for the final projects, I will decide on the categories based on what is there - whether the categories are something like ‘food’, ‘IoT’, ‘education’ - maybe I will need nested categories. if you want to discuss the categories, happy to do so!

Study on Fab Academy final projects
(Luis Camacho) #2

Hi Cindy!, is a great idea, that kind of classifications would be very helpful, if you need any help from us, we will be happy to collaborate .

Luis Camacho, Fablab Puebla.

(Cindy Kohtala) #3

thanks! btw I’m thinking of coming to Puebla in 2020 - so I’ll come visit the lab!