Epilog Mini 24 Motherboard IC U31 burning out

(Dmitry Ershov) #1

Hello all.

In Shenzhen I talked to someone who was struggling the same problem we struggled a long time in Fab Lab Polytech.
As I understood the problem is rather widespread. It is about the burning out of IC (EFEB 8918 3430 U31) on Epilog’s motherboard because of power instability (we use voltage regulator though).

Epilog just doesn’t boot, however coolers are working.

The issue is that the service costs 2400$ and it is absolutely impossible for us. So after some tweaking of our broken Epilog and it’s motherboard we managed to fully fix it with a less than $100 budget. If some one has the same issue as we had- just reply me here and we will prepare and send fixing manual for you with the links to needed components.

Of course you will do this at your own risk…

Picture of motherboard and burnt U31

(Raphael Demers) #2

Amazing Work! :ok_hand: 100$ fix instead of 2400$ :smile:
hope my trotec doen’t suprise me with such a nasty problem :sob:

(Dmitry Ershov) #3

It’s all about soldering skills and right components. I think at least $2000 from $2400 is for “official” service.
Preparing instructions.

(Brett HAwkins) #4

Could you please send me these instructions. In australia they want nearly $3000 for repair
Many thanks for working a solution out. Cheers

(Dmitry Ershov) #5

Hi Brett,

Just PM’d you


(Arthur Mau) #6


I got the same burnt problem as yr picture. Do u have any idea to fix this problem? Please kindly help and advise. Thanks.

Best Regard


(heiko bosse) #7

Hi Dimitri,

same problem here… could you please send me the fixing-manual too?

best regards,

(Nick Murphy) #8

Same problem, could you please share?

(Dejan Subaric) #9

Hi, Can you please share this solution with me too? My LCD is showing 8 solid bars but the motherboard has all voltage LEDs ON so I’m not sure if this solution will work for me but I’m looking for all options.


(Cedric Bleimling) #10

Thanks a lot for the info.

Should we install a radiator on the functional ones as a preventive measure?