Discussion about Scalo 5B

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Scalo 5B is a space for innovation, creativity, and learning which democratizes access to tools for digital fabrication, education and training to the local community, especially for social purposes, such as urban renovation projects.
We provide fabrication tools and skills, as well as community support, to students, crafters, makers, designers and engineers. We support innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, as well as artistic and creative passion, in order to develop employability of young people.
Scalo 5B aims at contributing and strengthening local innovation projects, providing prototyping tools and training programs.

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/scalo5b

(Maria Luisa Giordano) #2

Hi everybody,
I am new on the fablab platform. After the registration of the lab, I don’t see the referees in the lab details page anymore. I was just wondering if the process was successful.
Thank you in advance!

Maria Luisa

(Maria Luisa Giordano) #3

Thank you for approve our lab! :slight_smile: