Discussion about FabLab Marie-Rivier

(Didier Marion Vanasse) #1

We are a fablab in a public highschool. We are getting specialised in project with student / kids. We are planning project with primairy school.

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/fablabmarierivier

(Didier Marion Vanasse) #2


I’ve got approved by one of the fablab I wrote, but did not get any answer from the other one. I’ve got a notification that I was approved by a lab, but don’t know which one.

What can I do?

Thank you in advance.

(Jeremiah Bargio) #3


Same thing with us. We got one approval too as notified thru e-mail but we contacted our referee fablabs thru messenger and there we knew who was the one who approved us. However, until now, we didn’t get any approval from another one.