Discussion about FAB LAB Paraguay Educa

(Fernanda Carles) #1

Paraguay Educa, in its desire to continue generating an impact on technology and educational innovation under various emerging models and technologies, opens in 2018 the FAB LAB Paraguay Educa, the first mobile digital fabrication laboratory in the country. Its mobility component allows it to approach the user, wherever they are, thus democratizing access to the tools, supplies and experiences provided by a Fab Lab. The mobile laboratory is equipped with a series of tools that allow (almost) any idea to a physical object.

During its first year, the FAB LAB Paraguay Educa has had a great impact at the social and educational level in the country. It visited public schools in 13 locations in 5 departments of the country (Alto ParanĂĄ, Central, Cordillera, CaaguazĂș, President Hayes) with digital fabrication introduction workshops that benefited more than 1000 students. In these workshops, of 16 hours each, the facilitators of the FAB LAB Paraguay Educa advise students in the realization of integrated projects where they learn about 3D design, basic electronics, programming and the use of various tools that allow you to carry almost any idea to a prototype.
Seeking the sustainability of the project, the FAB LAB Paraguay Educa offers services of workshops and courses of digital manufacturing and maker culture to private schools and universities, in addition to machine rental services and training in the use of equipment for teachers, companies and organizations.

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/fablabparaguayeduca