Laser air filter

(Ragnhild VĂ¥ge) #1

We have now install our Lasersaur, and are working with the ventilation. Now the ventilation are connected to the outdoor without any filter, should there be a carbon filter or something to prevent pollution in the air?

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(Stefan Strappler) #2

Hi Ragnhild,
we also have a Lasersaur and we built our own Filter System. It contains 3 types of filter, see the attached picture. I think it is very important to have these kind of filters, otherwise as you wrote, you will pollute the air very badly and probably have dirty walls on the outside of your ventilation.
At Lasersaur Google Groups there are more threads about filters and stuff,
Stefan / Spielraum FabLab Innsbruck
Picture 1
Picture 2