How Can I get FAB LAB Approval

(Eyab Mijwal) #1


How I can Take Approval for our SMP FAB LAB
our site at Arar in Saudi Arabia - northern border I made everything is ready for tools what we can use ( CNC machine - 3D Printers - Leaser Engraving & Cutter - Cutter Plotter - Big Printer Drawing - Robot Tools Ordino - Electrical tools training )

(Peter Troxler) #2

Do 2 things:

  1. Follow the instructions here:
  2. Fill in this year’s FabCensus here:

The former can take anything between weeks and months, the second could help you to play the system and put yourself on the radar …

Joust my 2p

(Gilbert Cordiez) #3

Just a “technical” question: I filled the form in your first suggestion rather quickly and I would like to make some changes. How can I do it?

(Peter Troxler) #4

Sorry, I’ve got no idea if you can change anything at all. This is a question for the operators of this site.

(Gilbert Cordiez) #5

Thanks for the answer, do you know how I can contact the operators of the site?