Discussion about Xarxa de Fab Labs de Catalunya

(Milena Orlandini) #1

With the denomination of “Xarxa Fab Labs de Catalunya” (Network of Fab Labs of Catalonia) born the association FABCAT to promote the digital creation and fabrication and the spaces of digital social innovation in Catalonia.


Promote Digital Fabrication and Digital Social Innovation spaces (Fab Labs, Makespaces, Hackerspaces, mobile labs, etc.) in Catalonia, in which the mode of operation is similar to that defined in the Charter Fab in terms of open and non-discriminatory access, as well as the creation of shared knowledge.

Serve as a tool at the service of partners and associates, encouraging collaboration between them.

Facilitate the search for the financing of common projects as well as access to a series of advantages with suppliers.

Support other initiatives related to Digital Social Innovation in other places.

Serve as an instrument to disseminate new developments in the field of Digital Fabrication and Digital Social Innovation and disseminate the activities of the of associates.

Encourage the members of the association to research in Digital Fabrication, present and publish the results of investigations and share them.

Allow access to the community to the knowledge and provide the tools that favour Digital Social Innovation.

To foster the relationship between partners to improve cooperation, knowledge transfer, production, teaching and culture in the field of Digital Fabrication.

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/fablabscat