Discussion about SFSD FAB LAB

(Peter Graven) #1

The St. Francis School District envisions creating a Fab Lab by upgrading currently existing lab space at Deer Creek Intermediate Schools 3680 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. St. Francis, WI 53235. The equipment that will be added to the lab will allow students to create and manufacture prototypes to enhance lab work in the study of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics for students in grades 4-8. Additionally, the Fab Lab will increase the design and manufacturing capacity of the St. Francis School District (SFSD) Robotics Team comprised of students in grades 4-12. Engaging business and community partners is essential for presenting students with real world problems. The SFSD Robotics team connects students to adult mentors working in various local STEM fields. The upgrade of the current lab to a Fab Lab would extend additional opportunities for students to bridge the transition from both middle to high school and high school to college and/or career through mentors and role models who can assist them in reaching the next levels of learning and production. Partnering with the Building2Learn Consortium in the initial year will provide connections to other educational institutions, organizations and businesses to expand authentic learning and internships for students in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/sfsdfablab