Discussion about Polylactide (PLA) 3D printed model

(Matias Järvilehto) #1

I created and printed a 3D model of a polylactide polymer (3 monomers) out of PLA (or polylactide) as a fun project to make myself familiar with 3D printing.

This is the general thread for discussing the project; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/projects/polylactide-pla-3d-printed-model

(Kevin Woolridge) #2

Thank you, great project. As a chemistry teacher who also runs the FAB LAB I had planned on implementing these types of projects in my class. send more if you have them.

(Matias Järvilehto) #3

Nice that you enjoyed it! I’m a chemistry student at Aalto, we actually have this kind of project in one of our courses (although the actual model can be anything you like, as far as i know). Feel free to throw ideas this way and I’ll see how to make them happen :slight_smile:

(Kevin Woolridge) #4

Matias, Thank you good luck with your studies. Can you post the instructions for this lesson, it is something that I would like to try in my classes?

(Matias Järvilehto) #5

Thanks. I’m afraid I don’t have the instructions, since I didn’t take that project.