Discussion about opendot

(system) #1

We try to bring the maker’s projects to the enterprises and the enterprises’ needs to the makers. our goal is to speed up the innovation thanks to a new mix of skills and tool. The innovation, in our opinion, it’s not just go in depth on the same solution, but also rise your head and look forward, look for something new.

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/opendot

(Ruben Posada) #2

Hello opendot, we are trying to be part of the fablab community, we signed up as Fablab tecnm crode orizaba, and we chose opendot as one of the 3 fablabs that can accept us in the community, we started operations on August 26, 2019 so we are about to comply 2 months of and we want to know what to do to be accepted. my mail is drrubenposada@gmail.com

(Mario Baioli) #3

Hi opendot, we want to be part of the fablabs community too, we are Fablab Architettura Sapienza and we have chosen opendot as one of the 3 fablabs that can accept us in the community.
We are a University FabLab and we are really active. My email is mario.baioli@uniroma1.it