Discussion about Hebei Open Innovation Laboratory

(VVV GAO) #1

Hebei Open Innovation Laboratory(HBOIL) was established on April 26, 2018. It was jointly initiated by Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, Shenzhen Industrial Design Association and Shenzhen Open Innovation Laboratory. Providing comprehensive service for creation in Hebei, HBOIL regularly conducts a series of activities for different ages and different abilities, aiming to explore the Maker project, promote the Maker development in Hebei, create a Hebei Maker platform that attaches importance to the Maker environment and builds a perfect environment.
HBOIL has a laser engraving and cutting machine, a tool CNC, a 3D printer, a desktop CNC and a digital engraving machine to help the makers quickly realize their ideas and achieve their goals of “How to Make almost anything”.
HBOIL provides multifunctional service including Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for makers, Global Maker Service Platform, Industry Chain Collaboration, Creativity Creative Workshop, Guidance for College Students’ Entrepreneurship, Settlement and incubation Services, Crowdfunding Platform Services, Connecting Local Processing and Manufacturing Enterprises, and enlightening makers’ enlightenment for Elementary and Secondary Schools’ students.
Combining the characteristics of Hebei education with the spirit of maker, HBOIL provides a series of intelligent courses for students to bring the concept of creating into primary and secondary schools, aiming to develop their logical programming thinking and improve their creativity.

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