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(Thanh Nguyen Ngoc Van ) #1

Total investment for the project is about $ 554,000, of which AUF’s grant aid is $ 91,170; USTH’s counterpart funding is $ 338,948; the remaining funding from other partners are $ 10,255.
With this amount of budget, we intend to use for purchasing the international standard equipment to support members, implement many activities such as: training, seminar, contest, project, ecosystem expansion
The purpose of the project is to create a creative space that helps individuals and organizations transform ideas into specific products and models. This will be an open space and public access that welcomes all community include students, creative people, startups, companies,… to meet, study, research, share and collaborate on the activities.
We intend to have an official opening ceremony in October 2018. However we already have a Fablab room with 60 square meter (could be 120m2 in next stage) and launch many activities by USTH student. Also we already have main equipment such as: 3D printer (Makerbot, 3D object Pro), Robot Nao, Creative pen Display Wacom, other mechanical and electric tools,…We also preparing procedure to decorate and purchase more equipment from our funding.
You can check our announcement to launch Fablab USTH project on AUF official website with this link: https://www.auf.org/nos-actions/toutes-nos-actions/projet-cneuf-de-luniversite-des-sciences-et-des-technologies-de-hanoi-soutien-lesprit-dinnovation-et-au-renforcement-des-competences-en-nouvelles-technologies-fabl/

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