Discussion about FAB LAB BRED MAKER

(Lucas Piovani Carneiro) #1

It’s a Fab Lab where peoples can think, create and do. Here, the imagination is the limit. We have a lot of machines and tools, including 3D Printers, laser cutters, electrical tools and a lot of projects to discuss.

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/bredmaker

(Jeremiah Bargio) #2

Hello FabLab BRED MAKER, I am from Digihub-Fab Lab Davao based in Davao, Philippines, we’ve just built our fablab here and just submitted our application for fablab organizations. I messaged you here to connect with other fablabs who are also new in applying their facilities to the organizations. May I ask some questions if you don’t mind?

Who did you choose as your 3 referee labs?
Had you contacted them already? or Had they responded to you?
Do you have any idea if there are payments for this registration and how much is it?
Do you also have any idea how long will we be waiting for their evaluation to our application?
Thank you. I hope forward to hear from you soon. God bless to all of us. Hopefully, our labs will be approved soon.

Warm regards,

Engr. Jeremiah B. Bargio
Science Research Assistant
Digihub - Fab Lab Davao
Davao City, Philippines