Discussion about Fab Ghetto Blaster

(Jose Galisteo Ruiz) #1

Discussion about Fab Ghetto Blaster


(Tomas Diez) #2

Hi @EduardoChamorro I am just testing if this works good and hope you keep posting more projects! awesome work from Seoul

(Michele Turco) #3

We are making a review of this project using a small amplifier made by us with the LM 386. On the next days I can share the circuit and the final project on this discussion?

(Thomas Feminier) #4

Hi Eduardo, very nice project ! I’d like to reproduce it at Fablab Descartes for educational purpose but it seems like you page http://eduardochamorro.github.io/beansreels/tutorials/fabghettoblaster/fabghettoblaster.html is not online anymore :frowning: