Discussion about Envite Design Lab

(Brad Presler) #1

Envite Design Lab provides design (STEAM) mentoring, training, and workshops as well as product and logo design services. It’s goal is to become a go to source for learning about 3D design and manufacturing with programs such as Solidworks for all ages. Workshops are designed to connect students from all communities, ages, races, or religions to the community that is the Fab Lab Network. The lessons learned from the design cycle taught including ideation to development to creating and testing and evaluating can carry over into all aspects of life, work, and play. As we grow, memberships will be available to utilize various machines such 3D printers, Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutters (great for making T-Shirts or circuits), CNC Routers and Mills. Using engineering and design, an educated professional will “Envite” you to make your idea a reality! Contact us today to schedule lessons using programs such as Solidworks, Fusion 360, and more!

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/envitedesignlab

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Happy to be here! Excited to get teaching lessons, doing projects, workshops, etc!

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We’ve updated the page to include machines, etc. The rest is a great description of what we are capable of and look forward to doing more of!