Can't pass aproval stage

(Hendrik Spildooren) #1

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all having a nice day! I post this little message to check if I can do something to get our lab registered. I applied for registration 2 weeks ago, not knowing the importance of the referee labs. Unfortunately, I chose 3 “random” labs. After reading a while, I encountered that these labs must give their aproval to get registered. 2 of the labs, I was able to recover: and, but the third one has a generic FabLab logo, thus I’m not able to recover it. In the meantime, I contacted the webmasters but I got no answer (sorry guys if you didn’t have had the time to reply yet). I also e-mailed the opendot lab, I didn’t get an answer either. Lastly, I tried to contact hopelab by e-mail, but the DNS server failed to resolve their domain …

Is there anything I can do at this stage to get registered?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Hendrik Spildooren
Secretary of FabLab Klein-Brabant VZW

(Jesus MORILLO) #2

Good morning. I am in a similar situatio: artelaservzla.

Probably someone in the community can provide guidance on how to proceed.



(Thibault Villegier) #3

Hi everybody,

We are in the exact same situation with our FabLab Créatech. I’d like to have some info too about the status of our demand. I did apply for registration on 7th of August and I had the only following automatic reply :
“Hi Thibault,
Thanks for submitting Créatech. It will be reviewed shortly. -”
Since that i had no news and didn’t find who to be in relation with in order to go further on the demand.
I was also in contact with the 3 referees FabLabs (some of them that I met in Fab14 in Toulouse) but some of the e-mails were obsolete and I can’t reach them directly (for FabLab Israel for instance, I can’t have a good e-mail…)

Thank you if anyone could help on this !

Best regards,
Fabmanager at Créatech
Saint-Jean, France /!/