Access to the time / historical data

(Ophelia Noor) #1

Hello, I was looking for the number of FabLabs per year in the world and per country since, let’s say 2000 :wink: , and I couldn’t find any reliable data… For one thing, exists since 2014 if I’m correct, but it gives us the data in real time. I tried to use but then again, you can only find the data for the month of june 2016 or september 2015. It is not precise enough.
I’m quite astonished that we cannot find this piece of information available anywhere on the any of the official FabLabs websites. I searched the Fab Foundation network and couldn’t find anything… As a journalist, I had some figures in my notebooks and then in other reports I found others but still, it is not precise enough.

Does anyone has the data ? Fab Foundation ? And is it possible for starters to have access to the past data from ? hat would be a good start to have the JSON files for each December 31st i.e since 2014 ?
That would actually be awesome.

(Massimo Menichinelli) #2

Hi @Ophelia, this is an important issue that wasn’t considered at the beginning of but that we’ve been trying to address in several ways:

  • there wasn’t a field in the Lab forms for specifying the inauguration of a Lab, we added this (and more!) and when we’ll do soon a global review we will ask all the labs to fill this
  • there is a column in the database that stores when the page was created (not necessarily when the Labs was opened!) but 1) this won’t cover everything before 2014 and 2) we need to improve the APIs, but before that we need to improve the technical infrastructure, we are working on it but it will take a bit of time since it is a delicate work
  • I’d need to check the database more in depth in order to see if we have more relevant data, this is part of the several efforts I’m doing on improving the data of and analyzing and visualizing it
  • on a research level, I’ve been working on this for a while also with data from other platforms, I’ll keep you updated when I’ll have good data

Meanwhile, you can cite Neil’s latest book that shows something about this topic:

(Ophelia Noor) #3

Hello Massimo, thanks for your reply ! I checked the JSON file in RStudio and couldn’t find the “Page Created Date” column. It would have been perfect. Even if it is only the “page created date” and not the lab’s inauguration date, it gives us an idea. I saw Neil’s graphs, does he have the numbers ?
Thanks for your work Massimo.
Keep us posted,

(Omg, about the book, are they brothers/cousins ?)

(Massimo Menichinelli) #4

Nope, we need to improve the infrastructure and the whole APIs first…

(Massimo Menichinelli) #5

I guess this is based on Neil’s own notes, we are improving the forms and data here because he’s also interested in this kind of data!

(Massimo Menichinelli) #6

They are brothers :slight_smile: